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ReIndustries Games

ReIndustries is an active game development company and here is the list of games we have developed so far. For the price in your country look the game up in the Android Market.

Block Hopping
Released:March 2014
Size:2.5 Mb
Genre:Puzzle game
Estimated downloads:1-5 (Updated 20 Mar 2013)

Boxy 3
Released:September 2013
Size:11 Mb
Genre:Puzzel / Arcade game
Estimated downloads:50-100 (Updated 20 Mar 2014)

Released:April 2012
Size:6.5 Mb
Genre:Puzzel / Word game
Estimated downloads:100 - 500 (Updated 20 Mar 2014)

Castles Under Siege
Released:January 2012
Size:9.6 Mb
Genre:Card Game / Arcade
Estimated downloads:10.000 - 50.000 (Updated 20 Mar 2014)
Versions:Free, Pro

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